Top Oman Sights You Should Not Miss This Holiday

13 Oct 16 - 05:46

Do you want to explore the Arabian Gulf to the fullest this holiday? If so, then why don’t you plan out a holiday in Oman, the spectacular yet awe-inspiring land on the Arabian Gulf!

Planning a Trip To Oman: -

Currently planning a holiday in Oman? Check out this post below and make the most of your time in Oman. Before going into detail, you should know that when it comes to traveling in Oman, the spectacular Nizwa Fort and the magnificent Bimmah Sinkhole strike our mind first. Let’s have a look at those sights closely:

Oman Trip

Nizwa Fort: -

A tour to Oman is incomplete without a visit to the old yet beautiful Nizwa Fort. Well-known as one of the most visited sightseeing places in the Sultanate of Oman, the Nizwa Fort hosts a serene blend of a castle, a fort and a museum. All these sights showcase old Omani architecture; in which the tower is circular in shape; that you can climb. In actual sense, Nizwa Fort is a combination of fort and castle.

Nizwa Fort

The Fort: -

  • The fort was constructed at the beginning of the 17th century by the Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Yarubi; which took almost 12 years to complete.
  • The tower has 45 meter diameter and height 34 meter. The foundations of this fort extend around 30m underground.
  • To reach the platform of the tower, you need to go through a narrow staircase. At each turn, you will find 10cm thick wooden doors.

The Castle: -

  • It was built in the 9th century and undergone renovation in 1624.
  • The castle comprises rooms for the Imam, his family, guests and royal guards. In fact, the rooms are well-decorated and used to display artifacts.
  • You’ ll find a kitchen space, coffee making room and a date store there.

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The Castle

Bimmah Sink Hole: -

Inhabitants of Oman have a common perception that Bimmah Sinkhole was created by a falling star! Though, geologists have clarified that it was caused by erosion, but the legend goes better with the colorful beauty of the place.

Bimmah Sinkhole is a 40 meter wide and 20 meter deep cavernous hole filled with multitude varieties of turquoise water.

How Do You Get To The Bimmah Sinkhole: -

  • It’s around 113km away from the capital city, Muscat; which will take an hour to reach there.
  • You’ll have to visit along the highway from Muscat to Sur and the sea.
  • The sinkhole is between the Dabab and Bimmah villages.
  • Perfect stop to relax along the way to Wadi Shab.

Bimmah Sink Hole

Visiting The Bimmah Sinkhole: -

  • If you don’t love swimming, it’ll just take half an hour to admire the place at its best.
  • Enormous opportunities for picnic.
  • Toilet facilities right near the entrance.
  • Entrance is free.
  • The way to reach the hole is flat. But if you want to go down, you just count 80 high steps.

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