I must confess the truth that I didn’t have much expectation when I first decided to tour Oman as I assumed the typical Middle-East of dirty towns and disordered ambiance blended with the landscape sheltered in barren land and small homes but what addressed me was the opposite. Visiting Oman & Muscat was a life time experience for me.

Muscat is a very clean town embrassing the shore interwined between massive rock outcrops so it’s more like a cluster of small cities. It doesn’t possess the cluster of Cairo or the razzmatazz of Dubai. In fact, it is considered as a mecca for the turtles. Here in this post I am going to four destinations in Oman that worth a visit.

Blemish free white building and thousands of Omani flags will welcome you as you get into Muscat. The sightseer province of Mutaarah is where most travelers hang out which’s enclosed by rocky projections enclosing a tranquil port and seaside walks.



Things to Explore In Muscat:
•    All Mirani Forts – Placed in Muscat’s Old Town, these well maintained forts were constructed in the sixteenth century and are worth a visit.


All Mirani Forts

•    Mutrah Corniche Area – Wonderfully refurbished area that you’ll pass through if you are in Mutaarah. It is feasible to walk past Mutrah Fort and go on all way past the stream on the left to Riyam Park where local people have picnics. Though the entrance is closed, one can get up to the summit of the hill via the monument with an easy jump. This certainly offer great views of the shore and the entire Muscat town as well.

Mutrah Corniche Area

This picturesque city with a wonderfully refurbished fort is placed on a wadi that is not always flowing. Inside the grounds of Nizwa fort barricades, there’s Nizwa Souq with a fresh food market consisting everything from fresh fishes to dates, handworks to silverware. Also inside the fort barricades there’s a tourist part that has delicate stuffs and sinks on sale. Nizwa Souq host a livestock souk every Friday and well worth a visit if you wish to witness real Arab hand gestures.



Wadi Shab:
Wadi Sahib tour was the major highlight of my trip to Oman which in itself was splendid – the ocean, the fish bazaar, and the souks are quite amazing as well. I really don’t have much words to admire the Wadi. The panorama is incredible with blue-green pools, ocher & rust cliffs and fertile greenery.

The climate in late February is just superb here to spend a comfortable vacation. Though not exhausting, but hiking the rocky mountains here can be silppery at times, so you need to put on a good pair of shoes in order to avoid any chaos.  Ask your tour operator for reasonable Wadi Sahib Oman tour packages for a less hassling travelling experience.

Wadi Shab

Admired for Sindbad the sailor and conventional Dhow boats, Sur is the closest big city to Ras Al Jinz where one can witness turtles in quite large numbers. Sur of course has forts like Bilad Sur Fort and Sunaysilah Fort that are worth visiting.


So, now I think you are very clear about the places to visit during your Oman trip. Don’t wait? Ask your tour operator now to include these destinations in their Oman tour packages.

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