Top Oman Sights You Should Not Miss This Holiday

13 Oct 16 - 05:46

Do you want to explore the Arabian Gulf to the fullest this holiday? If so, then why don’t you plan out a holiday in Oman, the spectacular yet awe-inspiring land on the Arabian Gulf!

Planning a Trip To Oman: -

Currently planning a holiday in Oman? Check out this post below and make the most of your time in Oman. Before going into detail, you should know that when it comes to traveling in Oman, the spectacular Nizwa Fort and the magnificent Bimmah Sinkhole strike our mind first. Let’s ...

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One Day in Muscat, Oman? Check Out These Must-Visit Places

12 Aug 16 - 05:06

It was towards the end of 2015 when I toured Muscat, the capital city of Oman. Muscat is such a magnificent city where one day isn’t enough to explore everything it has to offer. I just had a day in Muscat so I maximized my time here and did see all the noteworthy places. If you are in muscat but running out of time, this post may help you to keep finding your way and explore some sights to explore within one day.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:

Our 1st stop in the daybreak was at the Su...

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Take an Amouage Perfume Factory Tour In Oman

14 Jul 16 - 05:56

There’s a saying that ‘A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future’. Some may agree and some may not agree on this quote. But it’s obvious that perfume seems to be best friend of a woman. Studies suggest that, nearly 80% of all women love to make a purchase of perfume once a year. In fact, the reason of buying perfumes may vary; but mostly due to the fact that perfumes can make woman smell great and feel better. Not only does fragrance make women feel good, but will make them feel attracti...

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Three Things You Don’t Want To Miss To See In Oman

06 Jun 16 - 23:32

The Sultanate of Oman is a charismatic, unique nation that I know well having lived there for several years. Not just does this considerably well-known nation have the warmest and most welcoming people, it is the soul of Arabia strives with history, culture and beauty.

There is an endless option of activities to do for each type of tourists. Whether looking to indulge on a stunning beach holiday, get involved in a great deal of exceptional adventure or explore cultural heritage, the Sul...

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Top Important Facts to Know About Salalah

06 May 16 - 05:58

Salalah – The Magnificent Omani Sight to Discover on Holidays

Offering a wide array of choice for kids and adults, a Salalah tour offers a huge diversity from relaxing beach holidays to the adventures along the mountain and desert. However, Salalah is located on a long sandy beach fringed with palm trees and the desert is just a few kilometers away from this region. In fact, the mountains present behind Salalah absorb moisture that lets the most popular Frankincense trees to grow and pro...

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Top Things to do on a Wonderful Muscat Omani Holiday Trip

28 Mar 16 - 04:04

Gorgeous Muscat city is the vibrant capital of Oman that offers charms of the Middle East and boasts of grand & impressive mosques, busy & bustling souks and breathtaking nature’s spectacle.

When you are looking to plan out a holiday in Muscat then it will be good in considering the below listed things and activities for having a fun filled and enjoyable trip with family or friends.

smart Oman Tour

Explore Mutrah Suq:
Do you want to explore one of the oldest souks in the Arab world? Then visi...

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Awe-inspiring Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Sights To Explore In Oman

25 Sep 15 - 05:40

Oman- A Refreshing Remainder of Bygone Age
Oman, a blessed country in the Arabian Peninsula is an ever-changing destination with spectacular mountain ranges, desert, sparsely populated landscapes and remarkable coastal scenery. Being embraced by the contemporary charm in Oman, especially you will find the low-key glitter and bustle of the capital city, Muscat, the burgeoning cities of Sohar and Salalah. Despite of dipping in the modernity, the country boasts an eccentric sense of past.


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Top 5 Incredible Desert Adventures To Explore In Oman

31 Aug 15 - 04:42

Oman: – A Hidden Gem Of Arabian Peninsula
Being an amazing Arabian jewel, Oman is most often considered as the perfect destination for winter sun. Now it stands out as an amazing hotspot for all adventure enthusiasts across the world. The tourists those who venture into this spectacular land, love to scratch the surface and often stick to the thriving capital city, Muscat. Well, no doubt Muscat has a lot of things to offer for the starters, starting from Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to the bus...

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Unwind On Your Honeymoon In Oman With Ultimate Luxury & Wellness

25 Jun 15 - 00:39

Oman: A Destination with Fascinating Sightseeing Attractions

Oman is the amazing country, which welcomes visitors with high level Arabian hospitality. With the destination for winter sunshine, Muscat, capital city of Oman is a perfect setting that will let you enjoy the splendid coastlines, boasting stunning white sand beaches, tortoise waters and excellent diving opportunities.


It’s a spectacular location marveling at the magical sunset from the rolling sand dunes of the Wahiba Sa...

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Oman: - A Wonderful Destination For Upcoming Holidays

23 May 15 - 05:33

Oman: - A Hidden Treasure Of Nature
Oman an eminent Middle Eastern country is filled with diverse natural resources, including mountains, waterfalls, deserts and dunes, waterfalls, oases and sandy beaches. With the arid lands of Northern Jabal, the greenish pastures of Dhofar, dusty rocks and kilometers of coastlines, Oman stand out as the wonderful setting for holiday destination throughout the planet.


Beehive tomb

Top Highlights Of Oman
The spectacular coastlines of 17,000km makes Oman an...

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