Top 5 Incredible Desert Adventures To Explore In Oman

31 Aug 15 - 04:42

Oman: – A Hidden Gem Of Arabian Peninsula
Being an amazing Arabian jewel, Oman is most often considered as the perfect destination for winter sun. Now it stands out as an amazing hotspot for all adventure enthusiasts across the world. The tourists those who venture into this spectacular land, love to scratch the surface and often stick to the thriving capital city, Muscat. Well, no doubt Muscat has a lot of things to offer for the starters, starting from Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to the bustling Souqs. There are many more to experience in Muscat; which are just a short drive away!


Well, if you will drive for a 4 hours from the capital city, Muscat, you will reach Wahiba Sands desert. It’s the place where the real fun begins! So, don’t miss out these extraordinary adventures to make your pulse run very fast!

Top 5 Desert Highlights To Experience In Oman


Desert Highlights

Dune Bashing
While traveling Wahiba Sands, enjoy jumping in a 4x4WD and negotiating colossal sand dunes! This is not for the faint hearted individual; your chauffeur will take you up and down, over and across the outstanding landscape; which can offer nothing but thrilling experiences.


Dune Bashing

In general, dune bashing lasts up to 1½ hours. After this, you will be covered in sand and be ready for some down time. One important thing, this activity is not appropriate for children.

Quad biking
This is another adventure-filled activities; which you can enjoy during your Oman tour. If you can head over on a quad bike in order to get more personalized sand bashing experience, then no doubt you will be closer to the sand than the 4×4.  In fact, half-an hour quad biking can make your adrenaline course through your veins.


Quad biking

Camel Riding
Love to fancy yourself like the inhabitants of Arabian Peninsula? If yes, then hop on their royal mode of transport, camel. If you are looking for something a bit more relaxed in the Omani desert, then camel riding can be an obvious choice and even suitable for all people of different ages and abilities. If you want to get memorable experiences during traveling Oman, then head over to the desert with a local guide when the sun will go down to admire a sunset; which is unlike any other!


Camel Riding

Sand Boarding
Just imagine a blend of surfing and sledging as well as  warm temperatures, shimmering heat and the haze sands everywhere! No doubt, it will offer you a fantastic experience of sand boarding!  Just half an hour of sand boarding can give you enough time to show off your skills on the Wahiba slopes.


Sand Boarding

Visit A Bedouin Family
If you want to find yourself under the skin of Oman, then the best thing you need to do is to meet the local inhabitants. During your visit to Wahiba Sands, you can spend quality time with a local Bedouin family and learn more about their lifestyle in one of the stunning; but challenging environments throughout the world!


Bedouin family

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