Awe-inspiring Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Sights To Explore In Oman

25 Sep 15 - 05:40

Oman- A Refreshing Remainder of Bygone Age
Oman, a blessed country in the Arabian Peninsula is an ever-changing destination with spectacular mountain ranges, desert, sparsely populated landscapes and remarkable coastal scenery. Being embraced by the contemporary charm in Oman, especially you will find the low-key glitter and bustle of the capital city, Muscat, the burgeoning cities of Sohar and Salalah. Despite of dipping in the modernity, the country boasts an eccentric sense of past.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque- A Destination Worths A Visit
The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a must-visit destination that you should hit on your Oman travel. Being a religious landmark, it has taken almost six years in its construction and has come to life in May, 2001. There is no fee required to enter into this beautiful mosque. But men need to wear long pants whereas women should cover arms, legs and wear a scarf on their head. Perhaps, there is no massive security at the main gate, but I have seen the armed sentry stood at the Main Prayer Hall stopped a woman headed inside and instructed her politely to cover her hair completely to head over further.


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Majestic Main Prayer Hall Of Grand Mosque
The Main Prayer Hall is one of the unique, surprising facets in the Grand Mosque the central dome of the Grand Mosque goes up fifty meters and even stands as a support for a Swarovski crystal chandelier of 14 meter height (Which is one of the biggest chandeliers throughout the world). Looking up the Main Prayer Hall of Grand Mosque can be a captivating experience; but you will find a lot of miracles underfoot of the hall. Covered with the Persian carpet weighing 21 tons on the floor, the underfoot offers spectacular views to the tourists. The interesting fact about the carpet is that it was made by about 600 Irani women within four years time span. However, 1.7 million knots were tied to make this finest wool floor covering.


Majestic Main Prayer Hall

Splendid Sights To Discover Inside The Grand Mosque
In fact, the extraordinary magnificence of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque has spellbound and forced me to learn more about mosques. Some of the outstanding experiences, I have explained here:

    Mihrab, a spot in the wall of the mosque is known as Qibla, especially the wall which faces towards Mecca. A Minbar, a place where the Imam speaks is constructed into the Qibla. Both sights of the Grand Mosque signify the ornate decorations; but defy any description.

    The arcades around the buildings are the perfect blend of white marble tons and stunning landscapes; which can easily mesmerize the eyes.

    Presence of several minarets adorns the entire interior settings of the mosque.

Finding A Tour Operator To Travel Oman Sights
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