Unwind On Your Honeymoon In Oman With Ultimate Luxury & Wellness

25 Jun 15 - 00:39

Oman: A Destination with Fascinating Sightseeing Attractions

Oman is the amazing country, which welcomes visitors with high level Arabian hospitality. With the destination for winter sunshine, Muscat, capital city of Oman is a perfect setting that will let you enjoy the splendid coastlines, boasting stunning white sand beaches, tortoise waters and excellent diving opportunities.


It’s a spectacular location marveling at the magical sunset from the rolling sand dunes of the Wahiba Sands before cooling off yourself at the lavish beach front hotels. That’s the most obvious reasons why Oman features in all honeymooner’s shortlists. With the lure of blissful sunshine; you will find that Oman is a serious contestant for those people who are looking to begin their married life in style and luxury. Well, a Oman tour may vary as per your personal interests like how much time you would like to spend while relaxing near the spectacular beaches.


spectacular beach

Tailor Made Oman Tour Packages for All Honeymooners
If you are planning to travel the most exotic destination in 2015, then go on a Oman tour which is creating a lot of buzz. With Smart Oman Tour, you will continue to explore the miles of beaches, scuba diving and many more.


Scuba Driving

The best Time for Honeymoon Vacation
However, we recommend that October to April are the perfect times to visit here as these months are not too hot and humid.


Top Ways To Spend Your Honeymoon
Enjoy a Dhow Cruise in Marina Bander

Going on a dhow cruise along the coastlines while choosing a Oman tour with Smart Oman Tour. Enjoy each and every moment of fun-filled Dhow cruise at the coral reefs of the Marina Bander waters which is considered as an abode to the plentiful diverse organisms and fishes. However, you will get amazing experiences of diving in more than 22 diving locations of Oman; so this location is most popular among all the divers.


Marina Bander water

If you will go on a full day boat ride with Smart Oman Tour, then rest assured that you will get to enjoy pleasurable, fun packed moments accompanying with the dolphins which will swim along with the boat. Our Oman tour packages include sightseeing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and romantic on deck dining.

Watch the Sparkling Sunset Over The Wahiba Sands
Well, there are a few natural nights; among them a desert sunset can be the most romantic option. With our excellent tour packages and guides, you will able to witness the isolated serenity of the towering sand dune crest. Even, you will be provided with exclusive tented camps in the Wahiba Sands, there you can spend a night or two.


Wahiba Sands

Comfy Accommodations to Stay in Oman
All of our tours in Oman itineraries are tailor made; that means you just need to choose the level and style of hotels which suits you best. We have a wide array of accommodation options available to choose from. Check out our deluxe hotels including the 5 Star, 4 Star and many more.


Deluxe hotel

Contact us today and book your favorite travel packages for Oman tour today!


Kaushal Joshi

06 Nov 2015 - 05:07 am

Honeymoon trip - 5th Feb, 15
Approx 9-10 days
Budget - 100,000 per head
Travelling from mumbai

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