Top Things to do on a Wonderful Muscat Omani Holiday Trip

28 Mar 16 - 04:04

Gorgeous Muscat city is the vibrant capital of Oman that offers charms of the Middle East and boasts of grand & impressive mosques, busy & bustling souks and breathtaking nature’s spectacle.

When you are looking to plan out a holiday in Muscat then it will be good in considering the below listed things and activities for having a fun filled and enjoyable trip with family or friends.

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Explore Mutrah Suq:
Do you want to explore one of the oldest souks in the Arab world? Then visiting Mutrah Suq will be the best choice. With a network of winding alleyways where the traditional and modern sit side by side, Mutrah Suq is a busy market place where you can try your hand at bargaining with sellers for frankincense, Asian spices, precious gems, gold, silver, antiques, Indian and Omani artifacts.


Visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:
It will give you goose bumps while visiting a large and impressive Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which was built as a birthday gift to the nation from Sultan Qaboos to celebrate 30th year of his reign. This beautiful and enticing mosque was opened in 2001. The interior of this mosque are rich and grand, which showcases the second largest hand loomed prayer carpet in the world. By visiting this place, you can witness a grand and breathtaking example of modern Islamic architecture.


Grand Mosque

Watch the Sea Turtles:
Travelling to Muscat will offer some unique opportunities in which you can enjoy the chance to experience one of the natures’ wonders .i.e. sea turtle nesting. By opting for an excursion to Ras Al Hadd, you can enjoy striking sights (in the evening) of turtles nest on the beach and run back to the sea. It will give you a unique experience for nature lovers to be a part of this amazing phenomenon of witnessing nature’s majestic creatures from a close distance.


Watch the Sea Turtles

Enjoy Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling:
Dolphin watching & snorkeling in Muscat Oman is a most popular activity, which is enjoyed all year round by the tourist. The Omani clear water is a home to a variety of dolphins and whale species. It will be a delight to watch the dolphins play in-front of your eyes. In order to experience some thrill and adventure, you can opt for exciting snorkeling water sport.


Dulphin Watching tour

Whether you are travelling with family or friends to Muscat, it will be better to consider well planned tour packages from a reliable tour operator like Smart Travel & Tourism or Smart Oman Tour; this will help in enjoying a relaxed holiday trip in a convenient and economical way. You can opt for a well planned Muscat tour or look out for guided Muscat dolphin watching packages from Smart Oman Tour to have utmost fun and enjoyment. We assure you of providing an exceptional service that will make your holiday trip to Muscat Oman a memorable one.

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