Top Important Facts to Know About Salalah

06 May 16 - 05:58

Salalah – The Magnificent Omani Sight to Discover on Holidays

Offering a wide array of choice for kids and adults, a Salalah tour offers a huge diversity from relaxing beach holidays to the adventures along the mountain and desert. However, Salalah is located on a long sandy beach fringed with palm trees and the desert is just a few kilometers away from this region. In fact, the mountains present behind Salalah absorb moisture that lets the most popular Frankincense trees to grow and produce the incense; which are available in the local market and all over the world. In short and simple words, Salalah is a city with a modern and spacious feel, being surrounded by dramatic and extremely awe-inspiring scenery.

Salalah Tour

Salalah, the capital city of the Dhofar region and is a colorful, subtropical city owing much of its character to former territories of Oman in East Africa. The coconut-fringed beaches, bananas, papayas plantation offers this region an authentic flavor of Zanzibar being located right in the heart of the Arabian Desert. During the commencement of the khareef or summer monsoon, Salalah gives greener, much lush feel than other Omani heritages by allowing tropical fruit growth and the wadis to fill with spring water. Moreover, the white sand beaches including enormous whale watching possibilities, smaller souqs and widely less visited sights make Salalah tour a most worth while addition to your holiday bucket list.

Why You Should Visit Salalah in Oman?

Being the capital city of Dhofar, the well-known southern region of Oman, Salalah is a city that sets amongst coconut groves and banana plantations, sprawling along the sandy beaches that run along the length of the plain. However, the lush vegetation makes Salalah seem tropical during the summer monsoon known as the Khareef. After all, the city of Salalah is home to historic sites, frankincense souqs and is also a great gateway to explore the Empty Quarter and humpback and also the blue whale.  If you choose Salalah packages, rest assured that you’ll get to discover more of the varied history, landscapes, wildlife and culture of this fascinating country.


Salalah Tour

How You Can Enjoy a Salalah Tour?

There are certain things you can see and do in order to make your Salalah tour unforgettable and extremely enjoyable.


    Opt for a charter boat tour and enjoy watching whales

    Explore the ruins of Samhuram or Queen of Sheba’s Palace

    Discover the tranquil rooms at the Salalah Museum and the archeological site of Al Balid

    Walk along the plantation of frankincense trees and shop for the resin at the souqs.

    Visit Empty Quarter to spend a full day or overnight in the peaceful atmosphere of this wide desert’s wilderness.

    Travel the city of the ruins of Ubar, well-known as the ‘Atlantis of the Sands

Salalah Tour

A Final Thought – Are you planning for a Salalah tour? If yes, then choosing Salalah packages of Smart Oman Tour can be the best decision you should make for delightful travel experiences. Talk to our Salalah tour experts today and start your privately guided tour in Salalah. For more updates, feel free to call us on +96896949698 or email us at

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