Three Things You Don’t Want To Miss To See In Oman

06 Jun 16 - 23:32

The Sultanate of Oman is a charismatic, unique nation that I know well having lived there for several years. Not just does this considerably well-known nation have the warmest and most welcoming people, it is the soul of Arabia strives with history, culture and beauty.

There is an endless option of activities to do for each type of tourists. Whether looking to indulge on a stunning beach holiday, get involved in a great deal of exceptional adventure or explore cultural heritage, the Sultanate of Oman won’t disappoint.

I want to motivate all tourists to explore this interesting nation, with a list of the top 3 things you cannot miss:


beach in Oman

Pay a trip to the Bahla Fort:
An exceptional set of fortifications is evident at each turn in the road, running remarkably next to the wadi and making Bahla the most comprehensive walled cities in the globe. These walls expand for many kilometers and are said to have been constructed six-hundred years before by a female.


After several years of refurbishment, Bahala Fort is now unlocked to the general public and easily one of the top-ranked Unesco World Heritage Sites.

The adjoining mud-brick settlement is an excellent instance of Medieval Islamic society organized around the falai. It’s ideal to discover the slanting lanes on foot.


There are many tour operators offering customized Bahla Fort Oman Muscat tour packages that you can take advantage of.

Bahla Fort

Explore the Wahiba Sands:
Only two or three hours of drive from Muscat is the splendid Wahiba sands, a mesmerizing sight to behold. Choose a professional tour company to take you on a 4x4 Dune Bashing trip. Relish the roller-coaster ride of sneaking up abrupt sand banks to go dipping down them much to your excitement. One can also enjoy sand boarding. This is a completely new type of workout – hike the sand dunes with your board to go rushing down a heap of deep-orange, waving hills.

An exceptional desert experience is waiting for you that you want to treasure for the rest of your life.


Wahiba Sands

During the scorching heat of summer, Oman’s southern town of Salalah is a welcome break. Ideally, this is where everybody flocks for the monsoon as it is wet, cool and tourists like the fog that appear over the hills between June & September. From Salalah, one can find a day trip to the lost town of Ubar, which vanished from maps and was supposed to only subsist in tale from 3000BC. However, in 1992 employing remote satellite sensing, Ubar was discovered, an urbanized desert settlement with an octagonal citadel and 8 towers, plus innumerable pots & relics dating back thousands of years. For archeological aficionados, this is a true gem.



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