Oman: - A Wonderful Destination For Upcoming Holidays

23 May 15 - 05:33

Oman: - A Hidden Treasure Of Nature
Oman an eminent Middle Eastern country is filled with diverse natural resources, including mountains, waterfalls, deserts and dunes, waterfalls, oases and sandy beaches. With the arid lands of Northern Jabal, the greenish pastures of Dhofar, dusty rocks and kilometers of coastlines, Oman stand out as the wonderful setting for holiday destination throughout the planet.


Beehive tomb

Top Highlights Of Oman
The spectacular coastlines of 17,000km makes Oman an ideal choice for water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling. Even, the deluxe hotels and outstanding beaches have been attracting wide arrays of holiday makers year after year. However, the hot climate and minimal rainfall combining with incredible natural scenery of mountains, impressive sand dunes and rolling green hills make Oman a magnet for worldwide tourists.


 impressive sand dunes

If you will focus on the cultural sights, Oman is a center piece for the historic castles, forts and towers. Among all appealing sites, the Old City Walls in Muscat and the multitude of archeological features in Sohar attracts millions of visitors every year.

Old City Walls

On the other hand, you need to give the special attention to the museums in the capital city, Muscat. The Omani museums having good historical expositions are the  Museum of Natural History, the Oman-French Museum, the Museum of Omani Habitat in Fort Jalali, the National Museum, the Military Museum at Fort Beit al-Falaj and many more. Enjoy visiting these amazing historic museums delightfully during your Oman tour.

The Military Museum

If you are planning a vacation tour for your upcoming holidays, why don’t you try out going on a tour to Oman with Smart Oman Tour. With our knowledgeable guides, you can able to witness the stunning landscapes, spectacular beaches and meet warm friendly people. Whether you are interested in water sport activities or simply go on an Oman tour, we will let you discover this magnificent hidden destination by treating a fun-filled holiday vacation in one of the Oman’s breathtaking sites.

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